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Medical Billing and Coding Career Factsheet

By: CareerFactsheet.com- Updated: Jun 21, 2017

The healthcare field is one that is always going to grow, whatever state the economy is in. It is also a challenging, but rewarding career path for many people. Not everyone though is cut out for the clinical side of medicine. For those who are interested in working in healthcare but not in the years of schooling and the long hours that go along with working in the practical side of the field there are a number of administrative careers in healthcare that can be rewarding and lucrative as well. One of the fastest growing of these career opportunities is medical billing and coding.

Medical billers and coders are the people who are responsible for helping medical practitioners of all kinds get compensated for the services and/or equipment that they provide in a timely manner and at the highest possible rate. The best medical billing and medical coding specialists are invaluable members of any healthiness providers team as they use their knowledge to keep these businesses running with a healthy bottom line so that the clinical staff can get on with what they really need, and want, to do - serve their patients.

Medical Billing and medical coding training is a relatively short course of education to complete and once a person has the knowledge - and the certifications - they need to begin work in the field they then have a huge variety of work settings to choose from - everywhere from large hospitals to small solo doctors' practices - that offers them a lucrative and steady income in a field that continues to enjoy growth year after year!

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