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Dental Hygienist Career Factsheet

By: CareerFactsheet.com- Updated: June. 21, 2017

There are plenty of potential positives to pursuing a career in as a dental hygienist. These health professionals provide preventative care, teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene, examines patients' teeth and gums as well as taking and developing x-rays.

  • Employment prospects for Dental Hygienists are excellent, most of them work in private dentist offices and clinics.
  • Earnings for Dental Hygienists can range from approximately $50,870 to $100,170.
  • Career progression is another added bonus, many advance their careers by obtaining additional training and sourcing jobs in research, teaching, clinical practices or in public/school health programs.

Dental Hygienists Factsheets

Video Career Profile
* 2016 Median Pay $72,910 per year
$35.05 per hour
Min. Education Level : Associate's Degree
Personal Skills Helping/Teaching, Technical/Scientific
Certification/ Licensing Required by All States
Work Environment Primarily Indoors, Primarily One Location

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