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About Us

When we started off CareerFactsheet.com, our aim was to provide the reader with a "one-stop shop" place where people of all ages and backgrounds can find the information they sought on the topic they wanted. Our site is centered on providing information on careers, schools, training programs as well as education and training requirements.

Our goal is to assist you in making the decision process a lot easier by offering factual, useful and non-biased information on your chosen profession.
Our articles are well-researched and written by expert writers. We aim to research and update our articles regularly to ensure that the information is relevant at all times.

In certain occupations we solicit "case studies" from real students and trained professionals to provide invaluable information our readers might find helpful.

Whether you want to re-train, about to finish high school and want information on a specific career, salary stats or training requirements - CareerFactsheet.com aims to fa ciliate you with just that - a one stop resource shop to learn more about various careers.

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